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Quick Updates

New year 2018 comes with new beginnings allow me to introduce to you our first volunteer to work with Branches of life International Rehabilitation center for the quarter of the year Alec Graziano.BOLI management committee will be working with you and Mr. Matthew Bone and Farzad Bagirovsky from Sweden. Brothers and sisters let us welcome them to the Pearl of Africa. 

Hunger is on a massive scale traumatizing street children in Kampala. Some of these children resort to sniffing carpet glue, Dendrite, to ward off hunger and keep out the cold.

Dendrite contains toluene, a toxic chemical which causes hallucinations and also dissolves brain cells. Feeding is not enough to change their lives. Every child has a right to a safe home and education. Our broad AIM is to rehabilitate these street children and take them back to their families. Please support our work. We couldn't do without your donations.

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