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Branches of Life International

About us

Branches of life International is a non-profit organization originally founded back in 2006 in Uganda and two years later officially registered and recognized as a national NGO (Reg. Number S.5941/7840).  Today we have expanded our operation from Uganda to The US and (as of July-2019) to Sweden due to overwhelming response for our developmental programmes. We are in ethernal gratitude for your support and encourage everyone to continue supporting our struggle to come to the aid of some the most vulnerable on this planet.

Depending on level of donations, our organisation is engaged in a wide variety of relief programmes. We walk the slums and shanty towns, we deliver food, medicine and condomes upon receiving fundings. We offers a drop-in facility for children and youths aged 4-18 who have been street children for different reasons and provide them with shelter, food, clothing, healthcare and when we can afford even counselling and vocational training.

On top of monitoring and reporting any violation of children's rights to local authorities, our organisation is also engaged with family tracing services for reuniting families, as well as financial assistance and training in income generation for reunited families. Branches of life International's work also includes raising awareness of these issues within the community. It continually engages traditional rulers, government departments, the police and the judiciary through various means, and monitors the implementation of the Child Rights Act.

To reach our goal of $ 250,000 for establishing a self-sustaining centre as an umbrella organisation for all our local development projects without constant need of monetary aid. Our projects will primarily aim at providing locals with skills in entrepreneurship & financial help with business start-ups with income generation and monetary independence in crosshair. 

To alleviate suffering in all shape and form. We are currently starting up various projects aimed at single mothers and young females for by supporting commercial business projects approved by us. 


Aspiration . Integrity . Teamwork . Respect . Equal rights

What we do

Children development and support

Under this programme, the organization has managed to lobby for the children sponsorship and currently all the children in different families do have sponsorship to schools and all are not going to school including those girls and boys who live with their guardians and foster families in the neighboring community. To execute this activity very well, volunteers mainly from Canada and Finland have donated scholastic materials to the children rendering the program to be effectively and efficiently run.

Youth employability skills training

Later during 2012 the organization managed to renovate the new offices in Wakiso District located at Hoima Road, Opposite Holy Farm Hotel now and the organization has managed to fundraise money to organize different HIV/AIDS screening ,Youth Seminars and workshops with themes of Empowering Youths and Environmental Conservations, this about encouraging them to do farming ,vocational education, tree planting and Group Discussions.

Medical outreaches & Health camps

HIV/AIDS and malaria are major killers throughout Africa - and Uganda is no exception. An estimated 110,000 children are living with HIV/AIDS and over a million children have been orphaned due to AIDS/HIV in Uganda. (UNAIDS/WHO 2006 Report on the global AIDS epidemic), so COHO Uganda carries out HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns reaching thousands of children every year.

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