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There are many ways you can support us. First and foremost, please keep us in your heart and let yourself be inspired by our tireless aspiration in alleviating suffering and promoting humanity. We will love you for that alone!

If you have the means to be a part of our aspiration you are strongly encouraged to support us through direct donations to the projects under our supervision which are being listed here. A monthly or a one-time donation will pay our costs and the surplus will be evenly distributed among the listed projects. We need your help to help others.

All of these projects are highly measured and have one focuse only: to empower by liberating from perpetual dependence caused by poverty. All of the listed projects are planned and designed by us with the aim of enabling income generation through personal work. Much of our focus is on skilled single mothers and young females who have no honourable options left for sustaining themselves or are lured into slave like conditions for jobs in the oil rich Arabic states around the Persian Gulf. Your donations will help them to start up their own businesses where they are and keep their dignity while struggling for survival. In a favourable condition, they'd do the same for you. 

Through our excellent network of local contacts & volunteers and efficient use of IT technology we have next to zero administrative overhead costs meaning almost all of your donation will end up funneled into the designated projects. Our only costs consist of currency exchange rates, money transfer fees, transportation to and from cash pick-up points, agent fees for mobile money withdrawals, phone calls and internet related costs such as domain name & web hosting rentals which all together amounted to roughly 6% in 2018 (just to give a clue). Your contribution goes exactly where you want it to go!


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Donate Online

  • Donate by PayPal or credit card

  • Donate by bank transfer


Account name: Branches of life International - Sweden
IBAN: SE09 5000 0000 0569 0340 1202


Donate by Cheque

Donate by cheque

To send us a cheque donation, simply download the PDF donation form below and send it with your cheque to the address provided at the bottom of the form. Please note, cheques should be made payable to Branches of life International.

Don't forget… if you complete the Gift Aid declaration (if you are a UK taxpayer), you will increase the value of your gift to us by up to £25 for every £1 you give… and that’s very helpful!

Click here to download your cheque donation form

Other donation ways

-Sending gifts:

We are also always searching for different kind of equipment, like
-School equipment like, books, bags, pens, pencils, text books, school shoes
-Football equipment like, shoes, balls, whistles, sheen guards, football jerseys
-Medical equipment like bandages, palacentamol, pain killers
-Toys or something else which will make the children smile

Employer-matching donations:

Would your employer match your donation? Many companies and organisations have a matching donation programme, often matching your donation pound for pound... or at even higher levels. Simply have a chat with your employer and see if they can help.

Leave a legacy:

Leave a donation to Branches of life International in your will... and you will help enable life to go on even after you’re no longer here. Simply instruct your solicitor to contact us at the time for bank account details.

Gift Aid:

Any Gift Aid recovered from your kind donations will go into the BOLI operational funds.


Our volunteer program includes; Street visits, hospital visits, prison visits, Kindergarten & Primary teaching, assisting children with their daily tasks, administration support, fund raising, writing, sports academy and other activities of your interest.

We offer our volunteers comfortable accommodation and tasty local food, along with assistance and introduction to the local culture.

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